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,,,There comes a time in our lives when we just want to be happy and we’re done with anything that is keeping us from exactly that, especially in our relationships!


Relationships are supposed to give us butterflies, they’re supposed to make us feel ALIVE and they’re supposed to help guide us into becoming the best versions of ourselves for ourselves, and each other!






They are not supposed to:


*Break us down.




*Make us feel worthless.

*Be toxic.

*Make us revert to a version of us we don’t like.


(Insert your bad feeling here)



Yet so many of us think we find the “one” only to find out that person isn’t for us and we start to question our entire lives.


How did I attract this?

What’s wrong with me?

Why are they like this?


And with all the greatness and success we have in the other areas of our lives, we get so dang confused on how this one area is just so off!!


And let me tell you I totally feel you! This used to be my life!!


Hi, I’m Erica and I used to date and be in relationships that started out like the most magical thing only to turn into a freight train going 1000 miles an hour and crashing into everything it could and destroying my life along on the way.


Until I started diving into why this was happening and how I played a part in it (ouch) yep, we play a part in all of this and it’s not until we pull out that root that it can change.


Usually, the experiences we have in our relationships are brought on from very early experiences in childhood. (some you may not even remember) whether it was something you saw or heard from your parents or something someone did to you in the third grade these distinctive, defining experiences shape who are, and who we later get into relationship with good or bad!


Fortunately now that I’ve cleaned up and shifted my own ish I’m now able to give this back and have helped 100’s of people shift out of relationships that don’t serve their highest good and into the ones that do! (que a recent client who’s wedding I’m attending next month oh ya)


The work I do is real! If you’re willing to do the work! And it’s not all work TRUST ME this experience of working with me will leave a permanent imprint on your life!


Working with me you have the opportunity to


*Have more confidence than ever

*Get clear on what’s holding you back from the good relationships

*Get clear on who you do want to attract

*Feel so incredible in your new sense of being you may just want to revel in your own self love for awhile


 And honestly just be prepared to enter an entire new life. Because that’s what happens.


With a combination of my certified coaching and subconscious work (where the deep stuff lies) you and I will go on the most magical journey together and life will never be the same.


So I can get to know you more please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!


Life is meant to be really really good. Your relationships and how you are held in them get to work for you not against you.


Let’s begin this together!





















This site is under remodel but all information is up to date as of Oct 2022! Please bare with us with any font/spelling/aesthetics as we move to a different platform but I am still taking applications through this site below! 

Thank you for your understanding!! 

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